"Lead me to the river with your mirror. / Unwrap the sudarium from my face. / Lead me, guide me, to the faraway deep down. Then steal away in alligatorlight."

~ C. D. Wright

From the street, you hear the din of hot jazz and the clink of cocktail glasses. Step inside, where the denizens of the Poetry Brothel will whisk you into their den of iniquity for private poetry readings, acrobatics, black magic, burlesque, and cyanotype.

Inspired by bordellos of Storyville, the Brothel creates an alternate universe where artists, outcasts, and onlookers can mingle and be themselves (or perhaps someone else...). We turn the 'audience' into participants, transforming the entire space into a stage, bringing art out of the gallery, poetry from behind the podium. This is about the intimacy of a word between two people. This is a poetry reading for people who hate poetry.